Hardheaded and Softhearted
presents a set of values with a contemporary application that has been tested and validated in corporate and social settings globally. The purpose is to aid today’s professionals in designing and defining their success arsenal to address the transition and turbulence in today’s business environment. With information that can be readily translated literally and culturally, this leadership primer addresses the changing face of a global populace that interacts daily. Benefits:

  • The approach is upbeat and practical—focused on building a core set of values and principles to act as a foundation for building success.
  • The narrative is easy and the application requirements at the end of each principle provide a game plan that is immediate and personal.
  • The authors bring their own experience from the heights of the boardroom to the streets of volunteering, while giving the reader an opportunity to feel comfortable in both settings.

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Culture Transformation – The Principles

  1. Where IQ Meets EQ
  2. Beginning Well: Say ―Thank You‖
  3. Applause that Matters
  4. Thriving on Disruption
  5. Love Being the Underdog
  6. A Good Crisis Is a Terrible Opportunity to Waste
  7. Compete and Complete
  8. You Are the Enterprise
  9. Textbooks for Father and Son
  10. The 80/20 Rule
  11. One Size Does not Fit All Mentors
  12. Did YOU Cause the Mutiny?
  13. Did the Child Give All Her Candy?
  14. Make a Difference . . . Every Minute, Every Day
  15. Choices Determine Reputation
  16. One Foot in Front of the Other
  17. Don‘t Rush the Waiter for the Check
  18. Shortcuts and Burned Bridges
  19. Amateurs React, Professionals Respond
  20. Finishing Well: Quality of Life, Standard of Living