Kari Michaelsen

Kari Michaelsen

Certainly the performing career of Kari Michaelsen is the antitheses of the plea of all young entertainers to “Give me a Break.”  This was ironically the title of the NBC hit series “Gimme A Break” which brought her fame and made her an elite member of the young Hollywood “celebrities” that emerged in the 1980’s.

Kari has been public speaking and hosting educational seminars since 1990. Combining those skills with her years of experience in front of the camera seemed natural (and somewhat destined) as the next step. Thus, her career in broadcasting was born. Some of her broadcasting credits include hosting a morning talk show, a news magazine show, and the weekly interview show “In the Spotlight.” Some of the many interviews she has done with celebrities include: John Travolta, Jim Belushi, Martin Sheen, Larry Hagman, Linda Grey, Donny Osmond and Kenny Loggins and Scott Hamilton. Shows guests have included many successful entrepreneurs as well as charitable organizations. Over the past two decades, Kari has been well respected and highly sought after as an influential public speaker, and trainer, empowering people all over the country.

Kari has spent the last four years on tour where she held the prestigious position of hosting and speaking at the highly acclaimed “Get Motivated” Business Seminar. The one day Business Seminar has featured many of the greatest speakers and leaders of our time, filling sports arenas all over the United States for many years with up to twenty-five thousand attendees per event. Kari has shared the stage with Former President George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, Rudy Guiliani, Publisher Steve Forbes, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Sarah Palin, Dan Rather, and the ledgendary Zig Ziglar.  Additional leaders and achievers that Kari has worked with or interviewed at the Get Motivated seminar have included  Lou Holtz, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Rick Belluzzo, Michael Phelps, Bill Cosby, Goldie Hawn, Eli Manning, Kurt Warner, Suze Orman as well as many other prominent athletes, entertainers, politicians, business moguls and leaders.

Kari is a keynote speaker and gives seminars on a variety of different topics throughout the country. Two of the most popular are “The Keys to Effective Communication for Business and Personal Success”  and her Media and Promotional training “The Only Logical Choice,” which has created complete transformations for many business owners that previously struggled to be effective in their marketing online, and in the media.

She feels that it is a gift that her 8 year old son Nickolas, has already travelled all over the world, and has been exposed to, and influenced by, so many incredible leaders and achievers, cultures, and experiences. Kari, originally from New York, now lives in beautiful Southern California where she has her own company, Michaelsen Enterprises.